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NI roboRIO

Stok Kodu: am-3000

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The NI roboRIO is the next generation in student robotics controllers. For the most up to date information, and technical specifics, please visit the National Instruments roboRIO webpage. For more roboRIO support for FIRST Robotics Competition teams, visit

This device is designed specifically with FIRST in mind. It's more powerful, lighter, and smaller than the previous generation. This controller will give FRC teams never before seen computing power. Here you can find instructions on how to set up your FRC control system with the roboRIO as the central controlling unit.

If you need to replace your RoboRIO for any reason contact NI at 866-511-6285

Will my FRC Team receive the roboRio?
Rookie teams receive a roboRIO in their Kit of Parts. Veteran teams do not receive one in the Kit, but you can purchase one through AndyMark.
Will roboRIO support other programming languages?
Yes, it will support LabVIEW, Java, and C++.
How is roboRIO different from myRIO?
Both devices use the Xilinx Zynq chipset (processor + FPGA) and use a lot of the same architecture. roboRIO has connectors and I/O specific for use in FIRST (e.g. CAN and PWM connectors), while the myRIO uses generic screw terminals for all I/O. The software experience will also differ between the devices initial since the roboRIO will require the FRC Suite. The roboRIO is also designed to be more rugged so that it can survive multiple FRC seasons through features such as conformal coating and extra short protection.
Can non FRC Teams purchase a roboRIO?
FRC teams, affiliates, partners, and organizers can purchase roboRIO from AndyMark provided they will be used to support FRC teams or competitions. roboRIO is available for non-FRC purposes here (
Can I get more information on the roboRIO?
You can check it out on the National Instruments website.
We lost our power connector, where can I get more?
The Sauro Connector CTF020V8 (am-2076) is the same one included with the roboRIO, just in a different color.
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